Real Ways To Earn Money Online

Are you looking for real ways to earn money online? Working from home is a great opportunity for every mom, whether you choose it as your part-time or full-time job. The benefits in my work includes a chance to earn a greater income, freedom to express my work habits and more importantly, manageable time to between my work and family.

At first, it will be difficult to find a promising web career that fits your ability and skills. But that’s the thing, you must focus on your strengths and expertise. This is the reason why I have shared here the different means in making money through the use of Internet; to help everyone find the niche that they belong to and grow their online careers from home.

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Here are the examples of real ways to earn money online:

IT Specialists. This career consists of information and technology professionals such as computer software engineers, specialists, programmers, analyst, administers, designers and many more. It requires specific IT knowledge and skills in order to work as a freelancer. You have the option to work with an agency or company – as long as they operate online. After all, the goal here is to build your career from home. In this category, the level of knowledge and skills about the Internet and all the technical aspects of it is very important. If you are proficient in the field of Information Technology, then you can find work in this niche.

Blogger/writer. Freelance blogging and writing belong in the same category. In this job, you must have the ability and skills in writing and communicating to readers through text. You can look for a specific client who is seeking for a blogger/writer for his/her business. Nowadays, many sites require a writer to build up their content. Just like a window display will attract customers in a mall boutique, the content in a website will encourage visitors to explore the business even further. If you are passionate in writing (like me!) and you want to earn more money, then I highly encourage you to pursue this online career.

SEO Specialist. Search engine optimization is another way to earn more income through the Net. The whole idea is to make sure the website you are working on will rank high in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. In this field, you must be knowledgeable in linkbuilding, social media marketing, content writing, video submission, bookmarking, etc. The only requirement for this strategy is to follow the portal updates like Google Update, to remain on the top of the (SERP) Search Engine Results Page. There are many agencies or companies that contracts SEO jobs for the freelancers and even for the SEO companies.

Tutors/Teachers/Translators. In this work, the demand is to be an expert on different languages, especially in English, which is a common language in most countries. Tutorial and teaching language is possible through services like Skype. In translation, you must be knowledgeable of one or more languages to translate audio files or documents of your customer. Business companies and even individual students from other countries hire tutors and teachers who work remotely from home.

Customer Service Support. Today, business companies hire customer service representatives to help handle direct customer relationships. You can be a freelance customer service representative if you have the experience in the field. You can remotely provide customer service support for clients and their business products and services. This work can transpire through phone calls, emails and live chats. You have to be equipped with the necessary data of the website and the products of services being offered. If you are a great communicator, have a charming personality and blessed with superhuman patience (for irate customers!) then this is a great career opportunity for you.

Anywhere in the world wide web, you can search for real ways to earn money online. But, always remember that there are many scammers in the net who are looking for victims. Some of them will just leave without giving payments or exploit your skills for their own profit. If you don’t want that to happen, you need to be wise and smart. References such as blogs, articles and discussion forums are examples of citations for the information about scammers.

I hope that this list of professions will help you build up your work from home career.

Outsourced Bringing Glory to the Country

Outsourced: Bringing Glory to the Country

I came into a realization of just how much outsourcing can affect a country.

A few weeks ago, I was working on a manual that my employer plans to distribute to his members. After toiling on it for days, I submitted it and my employer worked on editing it. To make the long story short, he was so impressed about my work that he advertised how Filipinos are great workers. He proceeded to promote outsourcing and adding to that how Filipinos are a great choice for Virtual Assistants or Writer.

I was amazed because this piece of information will be shared to his members. My employer is an Internet guru who people go to for advice. If they hear him endorsing Filipinos as a source of great outsourced talent, they will most likely follow his advice.

Talk about promoting the whole Filipino work force! And I did that by merely doing my best at the task given to me. And the best part was, I made this contribution in the comforts of my own home!

Outsourcing Benefits

That is one thing that I admire the most about outsourcing. Whether you are from the Philippines, India, China, Russia, Kenya or Mexico, as soon as you get in touch with a foreign employer, you are already acting in behalf of your country.

Outsourced Bringing Glory to the Country

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In the beginning, India was in the forefront of anything about outsourcing. They were the major source of call center talents. But with the Philippines emerging in the BPO industry, the world is made aware of a new pool of talents that are not only great English speakers, but are also hard working and very efficient at their job. Now, the country is the number one source for call center talents. That means more jobs and a better chance at keeping the country’s economy stable.

The bottom line of this article is to encourage my fellow Filipinos (and even other nationalities) to the importance of outsourcing. You may think you are not doing much contribution because you are confined in your home. On the contrary, you may be more exposed because you are dealing with people from across the oceans. Whatever they experience from your work ethics will be reflected on the Filipino workforce as a whole.

When the time comes that they need another project done, they will naturally search for Filipinos. And that is because you decided to do a good job. Somewhere in the near future, another fellow countryman will benefit from your hard work by getting the chance to earn a living.

It is a spiral of good things that resulted from a simple effort from you. Think about it. Keeping in mind the bigger picture makes every task worth doing.