3 Keys To Make Your Freelancing Career Take Off

3 Keys To Make Your Freelancing Career Take Off

Starting a freelancing career is easy. Getting it to take off is another story.

It is just like starting your own business. While the monetary investment will not be the same, it will require a lot of your time and energy to get your career to take off. Not to mention having the right skills and personality to help you become a successful online freelancer.

Allow me to give you three tips that helped me reach the Top-Rated Freelancer status in the Upwork platform.

I worked to impress

When I started, nobody knew who I was. I knew I needed to change that. I approached every project with every intention of making the client remember who I am. It was a must that they are impressed with my work.

To do that, I made sure I delivered the best material that I could produce. I also tried to go beyond what was expected of me. Most of my clients just expected me to just write articles. But I would not settle for doing just that. I observed what they liked with their articles and I made my own research. That way, I could suggest topics that we could write about. I believe this made my clients feel that I was really invested in the project. And I really did it to sincerely help make the project or website a success. After all, if the content was a success, then that would be a reflection of my abilities as well.

In effect, I had a lot of clients returning even after we have completed a contract. At the very least, they gave me outstanding feedback that helped boost my reputation as a freelance writer. They did not just praise my skills, they also commended me on my work ethics.

I educated myself

I noticed that a lot of people liked the idea of working from home. But most of them refuse to try it out because they said they knew nothing about working online.

Well, there were a lot of things that I did not know when I started my freelancing career. However, I never let that be an excuse to hinder me from what I wanted to accomplish. What I did not know, I made sure to educate myself. I had no idea what SEO was all about. So I did my research. I wanted to create my own website – so I read articles on how to do it.

The thing about working online is that you have a lot of resources before you. It is very easy to learn how to do something. I remember one quote from Richard Branson. He said, “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”

That was exactly what I did!

I got the right tools

Finally, I made sure I had the right tools to help me succeed in my freelancing career. I got tools that helped me check for plagiarism (Copyscape), grammar (Grammarly), etc. These online tools helped me create the best output or written material for my clients. Some even helped improve my skills and gave me the resources that kept my knowledge about my career updated.

There are many tools available online that it can admittedly be confusing to find the right ones to use. Just remember to choose the ones that will improve your output and help you learn more about the career you have chosen. Do your research so you have a list of the tools that you will need. If you are not sure about something, get the free version first. If it turns out to be unnecessary, then move on to the next tool. But if it proved to be quite helpful, then opt to get the premium version.

The bottom line is, you need to build a great reputation in your chosen freelancing career. Once you have achieved that, you do not have to sell yourself too hard to get clients. They will come to you. Judging from the number of invite for interviews that I get each week, I can say these tips really worked well for me.

I hope these can help your own freelancing career take off.

Let me know. :)

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What You Need to Know About Writing Jobs

What You Need to Know About Writing Jobs

The best thing about writing jobs on the Internet is that there will never be a shortage of opportunities for you. That is one thing that I learned.

While websites need the technical mind to function, they equally need content to be able to stay ahead in the search engine optimization game. Without great content, the chances of a website being popular and relevant are very slim.

Not only that, content knows no boundaries. All niches need content. Regardless of the format and target market, you need a written content to send out a message.

To top it all, people log on the Internet to get information. Whether that is to share or acquire information, I realized that information is central to why we all hang out on the Internet. We look for information about something that interests us, we read about what our peers are doing and we research about anything new. All of these information need a writer to put the message into readable articles.

Internet writing is quite different from what you used to do in school. For one, the people reading your entry have a very short attention span. You need to go straight to the point otherwise, they will turn their attention on another writer’s piece.

Best Writing Jobs Online

If I list down all the writing jobs that you can do online, it might take a few hours for you to finish reading this article. So let me just list the few jobs that I encountered online.

There are two paths that you can take: a writing job or a writing career. Allow me to define the difference.

I’d like to think of a writing job as an arrangement wherein you have an employer. Someone pays you for every written output that you submit. On the other hand, a writing career is when you benefit from the profits of written products.

What You Need to Know About Writing Jobs

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Getting Writing Jobs

Let us begin with writing jobs. Here is a list of jobs that you can get as an online writer.

1. Article/Content Writer. This job requires you to create informative articles that are subjective in nature. These are the keyword optimized written pieces that search engines tag. Actually, this is a very broad job. I started my online career by being an article writer for various niches.

2. Ghostwriter. A ghostwriter is someone who writes under someone else’s name. This type of writing job involves articles that are either subjective or objective – depending on the person you are ghostwriting for and the subject. This is actually a bit tricky. If your employer is a blog writer, you need to incorporate a bit of their personality – otherwise, it wouldn’t appear to their own work. You need to squeeze in a bit of anecdote or two about their lives to make the written entry more authentic.

3. Copywriter. A copywriter is someone who writes to represent something. It can be like giving a voice to a company so their identity is properly embodied in every caption and text.

Pursuing a Writing Career

For a writing career, it begins with marketing what you know and channelling them into words. Here are a few suggestions to what you can do to earn off a writing career.

1. Create a Blog Site. This can be like your personal journal. It doesn’t have to be sophisticated. However, it has to more than just a jumble of thoughts from your head. When you create a blog, think about what you will represent through that blog. For instance, my blog is concentrated on earning a living from home. I’m not implying that I am already an expert on this field as I have a long way to go. But I do have something substantial to write about because I’m living what I write. There is nothing more authentic than writing about your own experiences. To earn from it, you have to place a bit of advertisement here and there (relevant to your niche of course). That is easy with Google Adsense. As the traffic on your blog site increases, you get to enjoy the rewards of advertising commissions from Adsense.

2. Write an Ebook. Another thing you can do is to write an Ebook. Again, this has to be something that you know so you have something to preach. The good thing about this is it is a one-time effort and the rewards can last for as long as it can. You can post it on Kindle or Amazon to sell. This is a great passive income generator. The key to succeed is to promote the book and your credibility as its author.

There are more writing jobs that you can go into. Just remember to find that niche that you feel comfortable in. Try to get as much experience as you can, absorb knowledge from your employers and apply it to your life and future career. Though it’s true that everything can be researched, nothing beats writing from experience as it comes from what your heart dictates.