Set Up to Work at Home

Honestly, it is quite easy to set up your home office. In fact, it is so easy that people often times think very little of it. Some people set up a home office just pick out a random available space, and give no thought about how to make their workspace more comfortable.

I think that is a mistake.

While your home office will be purely dependent on your personal preference, you need to understand that there are ways to set it up in such a way that will make work bearable for you come crunch time. Believe me, even work from home scenarios have stressful moments – more so if the goals you have set for yourself are very high. Not only that, if you set up your home office in a way that makes it conducive to productivity, you will find that your work progress will be a lot faster.


Set Up your Home Office

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I really don’t need much in terms of equipment and furniture in my home office. All I need is a computer table, a phone, and of course, your laptop or desktop. A stable internet connection is a must too. That is all that I have. I do have the usual pens, papers, stapler and other office stationary stuff but I rarely use them. I don’t even file paperwork – except for the bills and other financial statements.

I realized that you don’t need too much space – just enough for you to move around and be comfortable.


There are three considerations when you are working on your home office set up.

Find your Work Space

Choose the right space where you can concentrate. It is best to stay away from the living room or the kitchen – if you can. I found myself gaining weight because my home office was within reach of where all the food were. Trust me, you do not want that.

The perfect spot should ideally be where you can work in peace without distractions and be most productive. However, for stay at home moms who need to keep an eye on the kids while working, you can position yourself where you can still be in their presence. I understand that completely because I have that arrangement. You just need some careful planning to make it work even if you are where all the distractions are.

Plan your Home Office Layout

No, you do not have to hire an Interior Decorator to do this for you.

I placed my home office where I can see my son as he plays and watches television. I had to do this because my son is at an age when a minute you leave him behind can be quite disastrous – both for himself and the house.

Since I had no choice but to be near the TV, I just shielded my line of vision so my eyes do not get distracted by it while my son is watching. If you can’t stay away from the distraction, the key is to compromise.

Also, make sure your space of corner is well ventilated, has the right lighting and everything you need is within reach.

Select your Furniture and Equipment

The last consideration when you set up your home office is to choose the equipment you need. If you will be mostly on the computer, a small table should be enough. If you need writing space, you can select a bigger table.

Choose your office chair so it is comfortable. I love office chairs with wheels because it allows mobility when I need to run after my son when I have to. I also prefer laptops because of the mobility – besides, you don’t really need much when you are just writing. If you are a graphic designer or web developer, you will need a bigger screen so a desktop is more preferable. Just remember to set up your home office in such a way that will suit your needs perfectly. The most expensive investment here will be your computer equipment – but other than that, you will not shell out much money on this. Find that right space, plan how you will layout your office and get the equipment that you need. You can always rearrange your home office when you feel something is not right. Feel free to experiment until you find that perfect set up for your home office.

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