Online Freelancer’s Guide: How To File Your SSS Contribution

How to file your SSS contribution as a freelancer.

I’ll bet that’s not one of your concerns when you started your online freelancing career.

But this is one of the things that you should learn if you’re serious about this new career path that you’re taking.

As exciting as it may be to be a full-time freelancer, it comes with a lot of responsibilities. You have to take control of your finances. That includes paying your government contributions – like your SSS.

In the corporate world, your employer takes care of your contributions for you. They pay a percentage of your contribution and the rest will be deducted from your salary. The obvious question on your mind right now is how do I do it on my own? How do you file your SSS contribution correctly?

Importance of having a Social Security System

How To File Your SSS Contribution

Before we go into that, let’s find out why this is important. 

Continuing your SSS contribution provides you and your family social protection. This includes old age, disability, sickness, and untimely demise. It also provides financial support in times of crisis.

Not only that, your SSS will prove to be beneficial for both present and future planning.

Freelancers often forget about their SSS contributions until it’s too late. But if you want you and your family to be financially protected, you want to avoid this common mistake at all cost. 

Filling your SSS Contribution 

Let us now discuss how to file your SSS contribution.

The first step is to change your SSS membership status from Employed to Voluntary or Self-Employed. This can be done online or through their SSS Branches.

Via online:

This is only applicable if you already have a My.SSS account.

  1. Go to and click on Member
  2. Type in your User Id & Password, tick the CAPTCHA box, then finally Click Submit
  3. On the My.SSS tab, Click on Payment Reference Number (PRN), select Generate PRN
  4. Click on Generate PRN
  5. Select Membership Type to Voluntary
  6. Select applicable Period
  7. Select Contribution
  8. Enter SSS Contribution Amount (For a complete guide you can click on the link: SSS Contribution Schedule
  9. Double Check all data then Submit Request

Use the generated PRN to pay your SSS contribution online. You can check SSS E-Payment Services by clicking on the link (E-Payment Services).  There is also an SSS App for smartphones that you can explore. 

Once you have settled your SSS Contribution, your Membership Type will automatically be changed to Voluntary.

Via SSS Branch:

Visit the nearest SSS Branch in your area. Fill up 3 copies of the Contribution Payment Return (SS Form RS-5) and make sure you put a checkmark on the Voluntary box. Fill up the rest of the data needed and refer to the SSS Contribution Schedule to be guided on the total amount.  Pay the necessary amount to the SSS Cashier.

When the payment is posted it will automatically change the membership status to voluntary.  You can check your My.SSS account to verify the membership update.  It usually takes a few days before the update can be seen on your My.SSS account.

Final Word 

Now that you know how to file your SSS Contribution as a Freelancer, here are some important reminders you also need.

Always check the Payment Schedule (this can be found in the SS Form RS-5). Also, there is a 1-month grace period in case you forget your due date. I suggest you make a reminder or phone alarm since government bills are the most overlooked payments. Finally, don’t forget to create a My.SSS Account. It will be useful especially in applying for loans.

I hope this answers most of your questions on how to file your SSS contribution now that you’re a full-fledged freelancer.

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