4 Best Work At Home Forums Part 2: Warrior Forum and Why Do Work Forum

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This the the second article in the 3 part article series about work at home forums.

In the last article, I shared with you a review about Digital Point Forum and how it can help you jump start your work at home career. As promised, let’s discuss two more forums that you may want to look into for information as you start building up your earning capabilities at home. See if your specific interests and requirements will be satisfied in these forums.

Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum specializes in Internet Marketing. Here, you will see various ideas and information about the constantly changing rules and techniques about online marketing. The thing about being an Internet Marketer is you need to make sure that the site, products and services you are promoting online will always be visible in search engines. If you are looking for information from people who are really doing the “legwork” – go to Warrior Forum.

The members of this website consists of web experts that will help you solidify your career online. They have been there, done that and are continuing to explore this ever changing domain. So if you want to keep abreast of Internet developments, you might want to be a member of this community.

Typical discussions include social media marketing, mobile marketing, writing, advertising and other popular ways to make money online. There are also private forums available are specifically for registered members only.

Posts about Warrior Forum events, support and plug-in profit site support are also available here. So if you are very interested in Internet Marketing, you might want to hang out in this forum.

Why Do Work Forum

Why Do Work forum is a bit of a quirky name but it is still one of the best communities online. The work topics are categorized properly and among them include work from home advice, tips and support, and business discussions. There are also general chat forums and an introduction category that will help you maximize the benefits of the forum.

There is a job leads category where you can discuss your skills and hopefully find work as a freelance writer, transcriptionist and other virtual office related jobs.

You can ask questions about different employers too – and you can very well expect honest and sincere answers. This will help you when you are doubtful of the credibility of a client. Scam reports and scam prevention are aslo topics that you can find in Why Do Work. While the opportunities are great, there are malicious employers online who will run away with your output without paying you. This forum has a specific category to help educate you on how you can keep yourself from being a victim.

Why Do Work Forums also provides tips on how to make money online, advertising and promotion of your business products and services, webmaster resources and advice. You can also find articles with the special offers – but this is mostly available only for the registered members.

In the third part of this series, I will be discussing the last (but certainly not the least) of the 4 work at home forums. I will try to keep the wait from being too long for this third article.

Till then! :)

4 Best Work At Home Forums Part 1: Digital Point Forum

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Nowadays, work at home jobs are in greater demand.  A lot of skilled workers are trying to build a part time or full time online career. Why? It is because of the higher opportunity to earn more at your own time and in your own pace. At least that was one of my reasons.

In developing your online job, you need to have a starting point wherein you can gather basic information, advice and tips. When I started my freelancing career, I knew next to nothing about working online. I had a good friend (who is now my sister in law!) teach me the basics but I still had to do a lot of self studying. She introduced Odesk to me and I while I got a lot of useful information from her, we worked on different niches. She couldn’t really help me develop the specific skills I needed to be an effective online writer. That is why I had to seek out other sources of information that will help develop my knowledge of writing in this domain.

One of the portals that really helped me are work at home forums. A forum is a social networking site or community board wherein you can exchange ideas and information with people who share the same interests as you. Naturally, I gravitated towards online writing forums.

In this three part article series, I’d like to discuss in detail 4 work at home forums that you can look into while you are starting your online career. These websites have a high page rank that makes them an authority site for remote workers.

Digital Point Forum

Digital Point forum is a website that receives a lot of traffic or visitors every month.  In order to sign up at Digital Point, you need to use your existing Facebook account – at least, if you want to automatically fill in your information. Of course, that will link the forum to this social network site and you can see updates from the forum even as you browse your Facebook account. If you don’t like the link, you can simply put your preferred email address instead and fill in the details needed manually.

After registering, you are obliged to read the rules of the Forum. I really suggest that you read them because failure to comply could get you banned from participating.

In this site, you can start new forum topics and search for the necessary information about online opportunities such as advertising, business, marketing and other online freelance jobs. The topics are categorized, thus it is important that you post your topic according to the appropriate category. Otherwise, your topic may not be approved by the admin and you could lose the information that you can get from the other professionals in the forum.

Also, you can also chat online with the other members of the site. That will help you increase your network and possibly even gain you friends. At Digital Point forum, you can view the different posts about payment processing, social networks, SEO, ecommerce, affiliate programs, pay per click advertising and many more online opportunities. Digital Point product and tools, reviews and feedbacks are also available so I highly recommend it to newbies.

In the next part of this series, I will be discussing other forums that you can look into.

Till then! :)

Real Ways To Earn Money Online

Are you looking for real ways to earn money online? Working from home is a great opportunity for every mom, whether you choose it as your part-time or full-time job. The benefits in my work includes a chance to earn a greater income, freedom to express my work habits and more importantly, manageable time to between my work and family.

At first, it will be difficult to find a promising web career that fits your ability and skills. But that’s the thing, you must focus on your strengths and expertise. This is the reason why I have shared here the different means in making money through the use of Internet; to help everyone find the niche that they belong to and grow their online careers from home.

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Here are the examples of real ways to earn money online:

IT Specialists. This career consists of information and technology professionals such as computer software engineers, specialists, programmers, analyst, administers, designers and many more. It requires specific IT knowledge and skills in order to work as a freelancer. You have the option to work with an agency or company – as long as they operate online. After all, the goal here is to build your career from home. In this category, the level of knowledge and skills about the Internet and all the technical aspects of it is very important. If you are proficient in the field of Information Technology, then you can find work in this niche.

Blogger/writer. Freelance blogging and writing belong in the same category. In this job, you must have the ability and skills in writing and communicating to readers through text. You can look for a specific client who is seeking for a blogger/writer for his/her business. Nowadays, many sites require a writer to build up their content. Just like a window display will attract customers in a mall boutique, the content in a website will encourage visitors to explore the business even further. If you are passionate in writing (like me!) and you want to earn more money, then I highly encourage you to pursue this online career.

SEO Specialist. Search engine optimization is another way to earn more income through the Net. The whole idea is to make sure the website you are working on will rank high in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. In this field, you must be knowledgeable in linkbuilding, social media marketing, content writing, video submission, bookmarking, etc. The only requirement for this strategy is to follow the portal updates like Google Update, to remain on the top of the (SERP) Search Engine Results Page. There are many agencies or companies that contracts SEO jobs for the freelancers and even for the SEO companies.

Tutors/Teachers/Translators. In this work, the demand is to be an expert on different languages, especially in English, which is a common language in most countries. Tutorial and teaching language is possible through services like Skype. In translation, you must be knowledgeable of one or more languages to translate audio files or documents of your customer. Business companies and even individual students from other countries hire tutors and teachers who work remotely from home.

Customer Service Support. Today, business companies hire customer service representatives to help handle direct customer relationships. You can be a freelance customer service representative if you have the experience in the field. You can remotely provide customer service support for clients and their business products and services. This work can transpire through phone calls, emails and live chats. You have to be equipped with the necessary data of the website and the products of services being offered. If you are a great communicator, have a charming personality and blessed with superhuman patience (for irate customers!) then this is a great career opportunity for you.

Anywhere in the world wide web, you can search for real ways to earn money online. But, always remember that there are many scammers in the net who are looking for victims. Some of them will just leave without giving payments or exploit your skills for their own profit. If you don’t want that to happen, you need to be wise and smart. References such as blogs, articles and discussion forums are examples of citations for the information about scammers.

I hope that this list of professions will help you build up your work from home career.

How to keep from overworking yourself

How to keep from overworking yourself

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When you are working as a freelancer, the chances of you overworking yourself can be quite high. Recently, I have worked myself up to a point where I am already feeling sick with fatigue for working long hours.

I used to have this thing about working overtime at home but I seem to have lost grasp of that. My husband and I set our minds to achieve a financial goal in a couple of years and I am obsessively driven to reach that target.

Admittedly, this is probably not a healthy arrangement for me. This compulsion to achieve our goal has the right intentions but I have to control it to keep from abusing myself. I have to keep my strength to take care of my son – which was and still is the reason why I started writing from home.

This is proving to be quite a difficult dilemma for me. But, like everything else, I need to know my limits. So here are a couple of things that I remind myself so I can keep me from being too overworked.

  1. I think about my priorities. Again, I need to touch base with my reason for staying at home – which as I mentioned, is my son. Oftentimes I find myself rushing my son so that I can go back to work – which is me being a bad mom. I usually have to reprimand myself when I am putting my work ahead of my son.
  2. I remind myself that I have an emergency fund. This is the benefit of having an emergency fund – you have the secure feeling that you are financially capable of providing for your family even if you are not earning. This is something that I have to keep on reminding myself from time to time.
  3. I lose more when I get sick. When I get sick, I can’t work and I need medication. If I take it slow, I get to lose a couple of hours of work. All in all, I lose more when I let myself get too sick to be able to work.

So far, these are the reminders that I use to make myself stop working. People who own their business can probably relate to this – you never really stop thinking about earning more because you are in control of your source of income. But then again, it defeats the purpose of me quitting the corporate rat race so I can slow down.

This is still an on-going process. I can’t say that I have mastered the art of not overworking myself. I’m sure I need to be thankful that I have a happy problem of having too many work coming my way. But then again, I have to think about what it is robbing from me – which is my personal well-being and time away from my son.

I need to re-assess my priorities. Wish me luck!

Why I Call My Career A Test Of Faith

The thing about a freelancing job is that there is no consistency to it. You are not guaranteed that the same amount of workload and compensation that you enjoy today will be the same tomorrow or the day after.

Why I Call My Career A Test Of Faith

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This is why I call my freelancing career a test of faith. I have never been vocal in my blog about my faith and I have no intention of preaching. But I do have to tell my readers how I have come to appreciate the importance of faith even in my career.

Being a freelance writer has its ups and downs. Your ability to earn through freelancing is dependent on the number of clients and projects that you can get at one time. There may be times when you have more than what you can work on. Then there are times when you suddenly have nothing to do. That is where the challenge is: pushing forward even when you know that your current workload is not enough to financially support you.

In most cases, I understand why people are scared of getting out of the corporate rat race and pursuing a career doing what they love. This is the type of career that bears all the risk of an inconsistent compensation.

In the beginning, that was also my greatest fear. However, I realized that pursuing any dream, especially one that is too far from what you have grown accustomed to requires a great deal of faith. In my case, that faith involved my belief in a higher power that controls my life. For some, it can be faith in their skills. In others, it can be faith in the industry that they want to enter into.

Regardless of what you believe in, you have to hold on your faith because that is what will get you through the lean times of freelancing. Trust me when I say that there will be times when you barely earn enough for your needs. These are the times when you should remain steadfast to your beliefs.

There are people who begin doing their dream jobs but quit along the way because they lack faith. My faith allowed me to continue on even when things seem to be hopeless. I pity those people because they lose the chance of being really happy with their job. There is nothing like working on your own terms and doing what you love to do. The personal fulfillment that comes with excelling cannot be matched. You need to be able to hold on to the motivation that gave you the strength to pursue this dream in the first place. It may be a flimsy concept to grasp but I sincerely believe in this because it was what kept me from giving up and succeeding in my writing career.

So I guess that is my challenge to you. Find something that you can hold on to – a source of faith that will help you through the lean times. We all have to believe in something. It doesn’t even have to be logically correct – but as long as it gives you the drive to pursue what you love to do best, then you know you will be alright.

It’s a cliché I know. But you really just have to believe and keep to your faith that it gets better.

I sincerely hope this makes sense to you. :)