A quick guide on how to pay PhilHealth from the Comfort of your Home

quick guide on how to pay PhilHealth

Here’s a quick guide on how to pay PhilHealth contributions as a freelancer working from home.

Health is Wealth

The Covid pandemic made us realize how important one’s health is. In these trying times, hospital expenses are something we cannot afford to have as a burden. Besides the usual reminder of “always take care of your health,” we can also add “get health insurance coverage.”

It’s a must and this article will explain why. 

For us, freelancers, having health insurance is a no-brainer. We don’t have the same medical benefits that employees have in the corporate world. That is one of the drawbacks of choosing a work from home career.

Nonetheless, this is not a major problem that you can easily solve. There are hundreds of private health insurance providers to choose from. But if you can’t afford their expensive cost, you can always turn to government support services as an alternative.

PhilHealth is for us all 

The National Health Insurance Program or PhilHealth is a government health insurance program that provides all Filipino suitable healthcare coverage. The PhilHealth program aims to help Filipinos with their medical bills. Covered in this program are Inpatients & Outpatients.

You can check their full benefit coverage by clicking on this link (PhilHealth Benefits). 

The key is to become a regular member of PhilHealth to avail of their services. Later I’ll discuss how to pay PhilHealth but now let’s focus first on becoming a member.

If you are not yet a member, you can visit any PhilHealth Office in your vicinity or simply register online.

If you want to go the online route, visit https://eregister.philhealth.gov.ph/ for their online registration service. Fill out the online form and make sure you choose Voluntary Member as a Classification.

If you are previously employed and now a full-time freelancer you need to do these steps:

  1. Visit any PhilHealth Office
  2. Request for Amendment of Membership to become Voluntary. Fill out PhilHealth Member registration Form or PMRF.
  3. Tick FOR UPDATING at the upper right-hand corner of the PMRF
  4. Declare your Monthly Income. Premium Contribution is based on the declared income.
  5. Pay at the Cashier

Your membership classification will change to “Voluntary” after the first payment contribution as a voluntary member.

How to pay online 

pay PhilHealth

Now we have covered the importance of having a PhilHealth, it is now your duty to remain a regular member. To do this you need to pay PhilHealth.

How to pay Philhealth?

You can file PhilHealth contributions via the over-the-counter collection system or online.

The series of steps below will show you how to do it online. 

Step 1: Log in your PhilHealth number and password at the PhilHealth Member Portal

Step 2: Click on Payment Management on the main menu (view drop-down list)

Step 3: Select Generate SPA (make sure your member information is updated and complete especially the declared monthly income)

Step 4: In the Premium Payment Option select the number of months of your choosing. (1 month to 36 months)

Step 5: Once the total contribution due for payment and due date is displayed, choose an accredited collecting agent from the options given. You can check the list here PhilHealth Collecting Partners.

Step 6: Choose your payment method. It can be through Credit Card, Debit Card or Mobile Wallet App like GCash

Step 7: An electronic Acknowledgement Receipt or ePAR will be generated after the transaction. You can also expect an email or SMS notification confirming the payment transaction.

Now you know how to pay PhilHealth online, always be mindful of the due dates. Also, check for bulletin or circular updates about PhilHealth coverages and premium contributions. It’s always better to be well informed.

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