3 Qualities Of A Great Home Office Table

3 Qualities Of A Great Home Office Table

Do you really need a specific home office table to start working from home?

I remember back in 2011 when I started my freelancing career, I just had a simple computer table and the most basic desktop. It worked just fine for me and I know of some people who started their work-from-home journey on their dining table.

While this is practical especially for those who barely have extra money, it’s not always sustainable. If you’re serious about working from home, you need a great home office table to work on.

You don’t have to set up a separate home office immediately. But you do have to dedicate a workspace in your home. At the very least, that would mean having a home office table.

Let’s be clear. This isn’t just an extra table that you place at the corner of your house. It represents your livelihood. It is your mini-office where you can do all your work-related tasks. So take some thought into the table that you should use. 

Why a home office table is important

There are 2 reasons why you need a dedicated table to work on.

To increase productivity 

One of the challenges of working from home is staying focused. Especially if you have kids. Trust me. It really helps.

A home office table can be your own little space where you can concentrate and finish your deliverables. Most freelancers, like myself, find it more productive if I am at my home office table doing my work compared to using other household tables. It’s easier to get the right mindset.

Besides, we have a rule at home with my kids. If they see me sitting in front of my office table, that means Mommy doesn’t want to be disturbed unless it’s really necessary. (Not that they follow that rule – but, you know…)

To stay organized

Having a work desk at home can help you be organized. You can have all your work-related equipment and supplies on your desk. This removes the hassle of keeping your work equipment and setting them up again the next working day. When your workday is done you can just close your laptop, fix your desk, and move to your next home routine.

What makes a great home office table

When looking for your home office table, consider these qualities.


There’s so much to consider in finding the right design for your home office desk.

To start off, know the dimensions of your home office table. Where will you put it? If you have a small home like ours, you might not be able to get the long and spacious tables. With so many office tables out there, make sure the one you’ll buy fits perfectly in your space at home.

You might also want to consider the interior design of your home. Don’t make your home office stick out like a sore thumb – even if it’s just a corner in your home.


Balance the design with functionality as well. Consider what your work requires from you. If you’re using a desktop, make sure you have space. Some online tasks require you to write as well. The office table should have enough space for your desktop/laptop and notebooks and pens.

Make sure it’s also durable and sturdy. Look for home office tables that are constructed to last so you save on money buying a replacement.

Storage is also very important. Make sure the desk has drawers so that any work-related stuff can be kept out of sight if you don’t need them.

Comfort and convenience

Is your home office table comfortable enough to spend the whole day there? Look for desks that are designed for comfort and ease.  An example of a comfortable table is having plenty of legroom. Office tables should serve the purpose of having all you need in an arm’s reach.  A comfortable table will also help you work longer and be productive.

Does that give you ideas about your home office table?

Investing in a good home office table should never be seen as an expense. It’ll ensure you are always motivated to work and be productive.

Your home office table can also be a source of inspiration. You can place pictures of your loved ones, house, car, or places you want to visit. I always have photos of my family, especially my kids, within my line of vision. They remind me of why I have to stay at my office table for hours…

So I can work hard and achieve all of our dreams.