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Odesk.com: My Personal Review

As promised, I am bringing you my oDesk.com review so you can gauge for yourself if this is the right platform that you want to use to launch your work from home career.

I started working on oDesk.com in early 2011. I had to try it out first before I fully resign from my day job to make sure I do not seriously compromise our finances when I shift careers.

Being a part time endeavour at first, I only took fixed projects so I have the leisure of working on them anytime. While you can still do that in hourly jobs, a fixed project is usually a lot more flexible. Of course, that would really depend on your employer and the details of the job.

So on to my rating for oDesk.com.

What Makes oDesk.com Work

Just to be clear, this review will be based on my personal experience with this particular outsourcing site. I will base my review on 4 categories: job opportunities, work convenience, payment processing efficiency and contractor guarantee. I will rate each category with 5 stars – 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest.

Job Opportunities
In terms of job opportunities, I have mentioned before that I never ran out of jobs on oDesk. Even as one employer ended a contract, I always find myself employed by another almost immediately. Of course, that may be because apart from IT jobs, a writing job is really in demand on the Internet.

oDesk.com ReviewApart from writing, there are a lot of vacancies in web development. Feel free to browse through the job categories. I am sure you can find a job that you are qualified for.

Based on this experience and the opportunities that they have, I give this category a rating of 4.5 stars.

Work Convenience
I must admit that working for either a fixed project or an hourly job had both its pros and cons.

As mentioned earlier, fixed projects allowed me maximum flexibility in terms of working hours. I can work for 30 minutes, stop and continue after an hour or so. It allowed me to maximize my free time when I still had my day job. As long as I met my deadlines, the employer didn’t really care what time I worked and how many hours I spent working on a project. The downside to this job type is it is very difficult to ask for more money when the project proves to take a lot more time to accomplish than you intended.

Hourly jobs are still flexible if your employer is not strict about what time you log in. The Team Room and Work Diary tools of oDesk.com are simply amazing. It gives contractors proof of the hours they worked on a project and each hour you spend working on a project will be paid – unless the screenshot is not work related. That can be grounds for a dispute by the employer against the contractor. Overall, the guarantee that the Work Diary gives to hardworking contractors make this job type preferable that fixed projects.

In terms of work convenience, I rate oDesk with 4.5 stars.

Payment Processing Efficiency
The only thing that I have against the payment processing is it takes a very long time for your work to be paid. It takes 2 weeks before you can actually withdraw the work you did. For instance, the job I did for the week of April 23-29 will only be paid on May 9. That time frame is only to credit the payment in your oDesk “wallet” or financial account. That does not include the processing period when you actually withdraw the account. That will take another 3-5 banking days – longer if there are holidays both in the US and in your country.

I find that really slow. I wish they can speed things up a bit so contractors can receive payment a lot faster.

Because of all these points, I give this particular category a rating of 2.5 stars. Still passing but there is much room for improvement.

Contractor Guarantee
With the presence of the Work Diary, payment guarantee in oDesk is quite high. In fact, this is what they call the oDesk Guarantee.

If you work with an hourly job type, you are guaranteed payment from oDesk. As long as the employer does not dispute a screenshot entry in the Work Diary, you get paid for every minute you worked on the project.

Fixed projects are more of a risk because there is no guaranteed payment. You really have to rely on the honesty of the employer you work with.

Based on the other three categories, the outsourcing site did the best they could to protect both employer and contractor. As far as I can remember, I never encountered an employer that did not pay me – even those in the fixed project job type.

I believe that can be credited with my own employer qualifications. I am extremely picky about the jobs that I apply to. So based on my own personal experience, I want to give this category a rating of 4.8 stars.

Overall, my review of oDesk.com as an outsourcing platform is 4 stars.

Various Reviews About oDesk.com

Though this account is based on my personal experience working with oDesk, trust that I tried to make it as objective as possible. I came across some bad comments about this outsourcing site and I find it unfortunate that some contractors have problems with some of the employer hiring through this site.

How that happened is something that I have yet to explore so I can give you a more objective point of view. I should probably list a couple of comments about oDesk so you can gauge if it is the right platform for you.

Nevertheless, let me know what you think about my oDesk.com review. Your comments are very much welcome!

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